Past APES Updates

Sunday Night Review
Wind Geothermal and BioFuel FRQ
El Nino FRQ
One Last Experimental Design FRQ

Experimental Design FRQ
To do for Sunday Eve Review

Saturday Review
Solar Energy FRQ
Colorado River FRQ

Friday Evening Review
Population Pyramid FRQ
Diseases FRQ

Friday's Presentation
Irrigation, Aquaculture, CAFOs


Link to Google Doc
FRQ 9-10
Due Wed. midnight

Link to Google Doc
FRQ 8 - Sustainable Fishing
Due Wed. by class time

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FRQ 6 and 7 -
Pesticides and Oil Spills
Please submit by 3pm Monday

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FRQ 5 Practice -
to do together on Friday 5/8

137 Ways to go APES

APES Laws and Initiatives

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FRQ 4 Practice -
Designing an Experiment
(due by Friday class time)

APES FRQ 3 Practice (pdf)
Impacts of Agriculture and Mining
(due by Thursday class)

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FRQ 3 Practice

Ecosystem Services FRQ
Practice - due by class on WED

APES FRQ 2 Practice (pdf)
(due by Tuesday by 3:00pm)

Link to Google Doc
FRQ 2 Practice

APES FRQ 1 Practice (pdf)
(due by Saturday night)

Link to Google Doc
FRQ 1 Practice

Week of 4/27 Assignments

Climate Video Links


Species Significance Project

Update 11
Work for the week of 4/20

Update 10- 4/16
Work due for Monday 4/20

Update 9 - Plans for
Week of 4/13 and Beyond

Biodiversity Videos

Update 8 - Work due for Monday 4/13

Lime Time

Update 7 - Work for week 3/30

Update 6 - Follow Up
to Friday Meet - 3/27

Update 5 - Checking In - 3/25

Update 4 - Work for Week of 3/23

Ecology Videos 1-14

APES Topics / Concepts to Cover

Update 3 - Wednesday 1:30pm

Update 2 - Tuesday 1:15pm

Update 1